Brand Story

Who We Are

We are the same team behind Stamfles Group with 20 years of institutional catering experience serving 50,000 meals daily. Staying true to our motto 'Feeding Happiness', we created Easy Gourmet for everyone to eat better and more conveniently - a happy meal anytime, anywhere.


We do-it-all

Easy Gourmet takes on a ‘do-it-all’ approach to pre-packed food in Singapore – from sourcing for the freshest raw ingredients to using the healthiest possible cooking method to retain all the natural goodness of each ingredient. Food is prepared in-house daily from scratch to ensure every meal is of the highest quality. Using less sodium, less oil and absolutely no MSG, we pride ourselves in serving wholesome yet flavourful meals.

Feeding Busy People


We believe that everyone deserves fresh, wholesome and delicious healthy meals in the midst of their hectic work schedule, away from the lunch hour rush. Simply order online - our lunches go as low as $9.50.

We firmly believe that healthy food should be pocket-friendly and should not be hard to get.


Local Favourites

Local food is delicious and comforting but a nightmare for weight-watchers. With a healthier spin on local favourites, one can enjoy the taste of local food sans the guilt.


One of our signatures is the ‘Yin Yang Chicken Rice’ - from ROOST; an innovative kitchen and restaurant that focuses on chicken rice cooked using the World’s first patented automated poultry cooking machine – iKook. Not to forget, complete your meal with our selection of heartwarming soups, made from the familiar well-loved SOUPERLICIOUS housemade recipes.

We are growing with every meal prepared and learning from each meal delivered to you. Feed us your Easy Gourmet experience, it helps us grow stronger and tastier.